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This website is the brain child of a group of anthropologists specializing in the study of Baja California. It serves the anthropological community as a global information center for anthropologists and archaeologists seeking information about the Baja California region. The site provides complete references and information in both English and Spanish, thus enhancing its usability for anthropologists around the world. The website utilizes a frameset to allow easy updates to the navigation as the site grows.

Playground Shoes

This site was designed as a promotional tool for Playground Shoes, a children's shoe retailer based in Chula Vista, CA. The site provides information about the store's products, hours of operation, location, and contact information, as well as detailing the company's involvement in the community. Because the target audience is families, the site was designed with the average consumer in mind. Not all users have the newest browsers, so the site works on older browsers as well.

Media Feast
(coming soon)

Media Feast is an online retailer which sells the CDs of independant artists. The site provides information about the available products, and is an e-commerce storefront allowing the user to purchase music. The site is designed to work on all current browsers.

This site is currently in development.